Finally, a buying platform built with your best interests in mind

At Deal & Runner, the “little guy” matters
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Making room for the little guy in the supply chain

We believe in the power of helping others and will always go an extra mile to make a positive impact on your journey to success!

Before it all started...

Before Deal & Runner, we were down in the trenches like you, trying to get a foothold in retail. We learned the hard way that it’s a tough world out there. That distributors won’t return your calls if you don’t meet their minimums.

Why it started?

Since the supply chain was crushing local retailers and mom-and-pop stores, we were excited when we discovered buying groups. Maybe they were the solution to the supply chain inequities. But our disillusionment came quickly.

Where was the problem?

Too many buying groups relied on smoke and mirrors instead of honesty and transparency. Too often, the buyer or seller got the short end of the stick, manipulated by a buying group operator.

Buyers and sellers deserve better.

Introducing the world’s first buying marketplace

At Deal & Runner, we value:


No hidden fees. No hidden deals. No tricks. What you see is what you get. Always.


No one is more equal than anyone else. Any Dealer or Runner is welcome without buying minimums.


All items are tracked, monitored, and go through our inventory quality control.

Earn more in Deal & Runner’s buying marketplace.